Personal Injury Medical Legal Evaluations in Orange County, CA

Personal injury cases can be complicated. For example, you have to deal with the at-fault party, insurance companies, medical professionals, and lawyers. At Coast Spine and Sport Medicine, we have over 30 years of experience working with victims of personal injuries. We work with attorneys and victims and insurance companies to ensure you get the treatment and compensation you need.


If you have recently been injured in a car accident, workplace accident, or other incident and you need a personal injury medical evaluation, contact the professionals at Coast Spine and Sport Medicine in Orange County, CA. We offer personal injury medical evaluations for those wanting to learn more about their injuries and their personal injury case.

Not only will a personal injury medical evaluation help you to learn more about your injuries, but it will also help you determine if you have a valid personal injury case. Dr. Moheimani has performed over 500 evaluations and has testified before many juries. Personal injury medical legal evaluations can also help improve your case. When a jury sees that a medical professional validates your case, they will be more likely to side with you.

For more information on our evaluations, contact Coast Spine and Sport Medicine at (800) 644-8032.