Medical-Legal Evaluations in Southern California


Serving Orange County, LA County, and San Bernardino County Medical-Legal Consulting

Medical-legal evaluations and consulting are specialized practices that require the highest level of credibility to match equally important expertise. Each case is unique, demanding specialized experience suited to the facts of the matter.

For this reason, it’s important to know as much as possible about possible medical-legal consultants from the onset. What is their area of practice? Do they actively practice now, or are they full-time consultants and essentially out of the medical profession at present? What specializations do they have? And above all, do they have genuine trial-testimony experience?

Dr. A. Michael Moheimani is an orthopedic surgeon with more than 30 years of medical practice to his credit. He runs a successful practice in Southern California, with a regional focus on Orange County and the Inland Empire.

About Dr. Moheimani

Dr. Moheimani specializes in orthopedic and spinal surgeries, along with a successful pain management practice. His focus on patient care is well documented—he spends over 200 hours per month on direct patient care. His expertise is highly sought after in cases of spinal injury, owing to his personal attention to patient well-being and successful outcomes.

Because of this level of experience and goodwill, Dr. Moheimani is also a highly sought-after medical advisor to legal matters, particularly those relating to spinal injuries. To date, he has personally testified in more than 50 jury trials and has provided more than 500 depositions across his consulting career.
Perhaps most important, Dr. Moheimani has performed over 500 independent medical examinations (IMEs).
Dr. Moheimani has worked closely with a wide variety of law firms across numerous specializations, as well as with insurance companies and their affiliated defense counsel. His medicolegal consulting philosophy is simple: to perform expert, ethical, and honest assessments based on the most current knowledge and the highest standards for medical care. One of his key strengths is his strong communication skills for testimony.
If you are seeking expert medical-legal consulting services from a top-rated orthopedic surgeon with a specialization in spinal surgeries, consider Dr. A. Michael Moheimani.